Congratulations! You’re a Webby nominee.

Tumblr is in the running to win a Webby for best community on the internet—and it’s all thanks to you. This is our eighth Community nomination. With your help, it can be our sixth win.

You’ve created some beautiful little communities here on Tumblr. You’re welcoming, you’re passionate, and if we must be honest, just the right amount of weird.

Where else on the internet are you going to find SKAM fans who translated each and every episode into English for those who don’t snakker norsk? What other platform is home to witchblr—the people who see the magic in everything, from emoji spells to crystal instructional guides. You are the community who got together for the first-ever virtual march—an online march for each and every person who was not able to physically attend a March For Our Lives rally. You are the people that host your own Tumblr prom every single year so no one feels left out. That’s because no one is left out here on Tumblr. Everyone is welcome.

You’re what makes Tumblr feel like home.

So go on and vote before the polls close this Thursday, April 19. We’re rooting for you.

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